The Marine Corps Air Transport Association is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization incorporated in the state of Texas. All donations are tax deductible. 

 2020 OFFICERS  

    President Rich Driscoll USMC Retired Navigator
    Vice President Jim Kikta USMC Retired Navigator
    Secretary Jim Clark USMC Navigator
    Treasurer John Klossner USMC Retired Navigator
    Judge Advocate Pete Woods USMC Retired Loadmaster
    Chaplain Bob Guest USMC Retired Flight Engineer
    Historian Alan Stinar USMC Maintainer


Jack Taylor/Dave Harshbarger USMC Retired Flt Eng/Navigator
 2020 TRUSTEE Robert "Red" Doktor USMC Retired Flight Engineer
 2020 BOARD OF DIRECTORS David Harshbarger USMC Retired Navigator
  Julia Cartwright USMC  Maintainer
  Bowen Briner USMC Retired Pilot
  Pete Johnson USMC Navigator
  C.J. McQueen USMC Retired  Flight Engineer
  Ted Newman USMC Navigator
  Clarence "C.W." Wilson USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Marty Ruane USMC Retired  Flight Engineer
  John O'Neill USMC Retired Flight Mech
  Bob Morley USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Ed Walker USMC Retired Maintainer
 2020 EMERITUS ADVISORY BOARD Humberto Reyes-Past President &Chairman USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Jack Flannery USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Jack Dickson USMC Retired  Flight Engineer
  Con Shuck USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Dick Edwards USMC Retired Navigator
  Bernie Bersano USMC Retired Maintenance Officer
  Charlie Smith USMC Retired Navigator

 Humberto Reyes-Current Past President

 USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  C.J. McQueen USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Con Shuck (Deceased) USMC Retired Flight Engineer
 2020 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Bob Guest USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  M.G. "Blinky" Waitt USMC Retired Flight Engineer
  Bernie Bersano USMC Retired Maintenance Officer
  David Harshbarger USMC Retired Navigator
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