Who Are We? 

The Marine Corps Air Transport Association is a fraternal association of current and former Marines who are, or have in the past, been assigned to serve in a Marine Corps Air Transport (VMR) squadron and/or a Marine Corps Aerial Transport Refueler (VMGR) squadron or in any unit in direct support. Members may be of any rank and have served in any capacity or MOS in any of those units. We also have an Associate Member program and are supported by our families and friends who share our values and our mission.

A little history: Not surprisingly the association was a spontaneous idea conceived when a group of active duty and retired Marines met in someone's backyard near MCAS Cherry Point, NC and had so much fun reminiscing and sharing camaraderie with each other they decided that they should take the idea to the next level. They took up a collection to buy stamps, created a contact list and set a date for a reunion. Soon they had several hundred members and formed an association, electing officers and board members and forming a non-profit corporation. That was 1990 and the association has been in business since. We are a federal 501 (c) 3 charity and all donations to our association are tax deductible. 

Each year we have a reunion and convention at a pre-announced location where we once again meet to join in camaraderie and revelry to re-tell a few sea stories and to raise a little money for our charities.  Today, we have two charities that we focus on. The first is our Memorial Scholarship Program where we award scholarships to deserving members, dependents and the grandchildren of our members to help them with college expenses. The latest is our VMGR Memorial Project, a project to build a memorial at the National museum of the Marine Corps dedicated to all those who have lost their lives while flying on Marine KC-130's since the introduction of that aircraft in 1962 and to honor their memories for their surviving families. 

The Marine Corps Air Transport Association enjoys a long and proud tradition of continued service to our air transport community, our Corps and our country. 

Semper Fidelis!

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