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  • Gail and Ed Walker
  • Glendon and Janet Withrow, Martha Kasilus
  • Glinda and Zack Ellison
  • Gloria and CW Wilson
  • Hiroko and Dick Majewski
  • Humberto and Mickey Reyes
  • Jack and Sharon Flannery
  • Jeannie and Jack Dickson
  • John and Connie Lockett
  • John Gray and Mickey Burt
  • John McKee, Pete Johnson, Russ Tucker, Maryanne O'Canna, Pete Meyer
  • John O'Neill, Ron Gyrokos, Tommie Mabe
  • Lindy Lopez, (left)
  • Marcia and David Lynch
  • Marlena and Al Toca
  • Mike and May Clarke
  • Mike McGuire, Steve Locke, Tammy Graham, BG Brad James, Ron Mills, KC Laster
  • Nanette (Ruane) Ferguson, Patti (Davis) Ruane
  • Nanette Ferguson, Patti Ruane, Marty Ruane
  • Olivia and Michael Strand, Larry Adams
  • Percy and Rosa Albritten
  • Rich Driscoll and BG Brad James
  • Rita Bergquist and Jack Taylor
  • Russ Hardin, Beth Brittman
  • Stan Kasilus, Jack and Sharon Flannery.
  • Steve Locke, Ron Mills (back to camera) BG Brad James, KC Laster
  • Stu and Sandy Dutcher
  • Terry and Regina Thomason
  • Wes and Kelley Greene, Frank and Maria Chiarello
  • Bob Dooley, Dave "Bags" Harshbarger, Teresa Dietrich
  • Carol and Rich Driscoll
  • Carol and Larry Spangler
  • Bob Gwaltney and Shirley Ann Fletcher
  • Facing-Bob Boone, John Klossner, Joyce Klossner
  • Bob and Vera Guest
  • Bob and Enid Cole
  • Bob and Carolline Morley
  • BG Brad James USMC, Bill Baerresen, Lt Andrew Kim USMC.
  • Brigadier General Bradley S. James USMC, Commanding General of 4th Marine Aircraft Wing addressing the crowd.
  • Brigadier General James and his guest Tammy Graham
  • MCATA Historian and Banquet MC conferring with President Rich Driscoll on banquet timeline.
  • Lt Andrew Kim USMC VT-6 student with Bill Baerresen.
  • Zack Ellison, Bob and Enid Cole.
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