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  • Jack Taylor and Rita Bergquist
  • Dave Lynch and Matt Piliere sporting their colors.
  • LtCol. Ken Martin, CO of VMGR-234 and Rich Driscoll.
  • General Membership Meeting
  • L-R Pete Meyer, Humberto Reyes, Pete Johnson
  • The Navigators at the Reunion Banquet.
  • Larry Spangler
  • Visiting VMGR-234 (Group 2)
  • Getting a briefing from VMGR-234 officers and flight crew.
  • Pete Meyer
  • Julia Cartwright
  • Pete Johnson
  • L-R Joyce Bersano, Linda Briner, Bo Briner.
  • Steve and Tina Acra
  • Con Shuck and Col Tim Patrick.
  • L-R Jim Kikta, Jack Taylor, and "Handsome" Jack Flannery
  • L-R Bob Guest, "Robby" Robertson and C.W. Wilson. Rich Driscoll in background.
  • A pair of old navigators. Rich Driscoll and Chuck Burgess.
  • Julia Cartwright. Transporter and photographer.
  • L-R Jim Kikta, Jack Taylor, "Handsome" Jack Flannery and Larry Spangler.
  • Sea stories in the hospitality room.
  • Russ Tucker, Pete Meyer and "Curly" Bob Meyer.
  • L-R John McKee, Jim Clark, Eb Mann.
  • L-R (Foreground) Alan Stinar, Steve Kovalchick, Jeff Adams.
  • Dave Dedrick and Steve "Bookends" Kovalchick.
  • Jim Clark (foreground) Charlie Smith and Jack Dicksen (background).
  • L-R Dick Edwards, Bernie Bersano, Charlie Smith, Jack Dicksen.
  • Charlie Smith and Jack Dicksen
  • Rita Bergquist
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